Mixed Feelings' By Sunny Bains Summary

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Mixed Feelings, by Sunny Bains, is an article written about the alteration of human senses. Bains gives information about different experiments that are trying to prove that our sense can be modified or expanded. In the article, it goes into details about how our five senses can individually be changed by using or wearing specific contraptions the researchers created. The purpose of Bain's article is to persuade the reader to believe that there are ways to modify our senses.

The article begins with a test subject who is experiencing, "an unerring sense of direction"(Bains). His introduction is an important factor because it gets the reader thinking about the experiment which intrigues them to know more of what the article has to say. Bains's choice of diction, syntax and overall style of writing helps get the reader interested. She uses a couple rhetorical questions, such as, “Can our senses be modified?...How do we sense the world around us?”(Bains), which gets …show more content…

“I could see it. Feel it. Whatever - I could tell where the foam was…what I remember are pictures: high-contrast images of cubicle walls and offices doors, as though I'd seen them with my eyes” (Bains). By her experiencing an experiment she did herself, she adds a clear opinion in the article. Because her experience of the experiment going smoothly, she clearly exposes her opinion about the article's topic. Also, when Bains quoted those who’ve gone through an experience, their words are a bit over exaggerated. “‘I suddenly realized that my perception had shifted, I had some kind of internal map of the city in my head’”(Bains). Those hyperboles create a visual and an understanding of what the experiment does to one's senses, proving that something did indeed alter them. Bains convinces the reader to believe her point of view by using examples from the past and current

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