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1.0 Executive Summary

Pepper Lunch is an affordable DIY fast food steakhouse with more than 200 outlets in Japan and

other Asian countries as wells as in Australia. Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and fresh

culinary experience for everyone by presenting the novel concept of a sizzling steak. Pepper

Lunch is the new wave of fast food style. Our original iron dish and technology of heating

is sure to generate a revolution in the fast food business in the USA. We are able to provide a

searing steak as fast food items only with this technique. The revolutionary concept is that

although it is fast food, customers can cook their meal
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* Change in economic situations of people

* Unwillingness of the US population to cater to this new concept and the taste of the food

* The hot iron plates may potentially cause injuries to customers if they do not follow the

given instructions.

2.3 Competition

Currently in the USA, this is brand new concept so there is very little direct competition. One

can however compare it to an actual Japanese Steakhouse but that will not be a threat because

Pepper Lunch is selling the concept of Fast-Steak and Do-It-Yourself Steaks. If we talk about

fast food there will be competition from local favorites like,

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