Mob 's Target Nicely Conveys The Premise Of This Crime Thriller

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The title MOB’S TARGET nicely conveys the premise of this crime thriller. The plot focuses on an insecure and fearful accountant who testifies against a major mobster, sending him to prison. The mob wants revenge and she’s the target. She enters a Witness Protection program, but an enforcer tracks her down.
The goal of survival is clear and the stakes are life and death. There are several themes incorporated into the script about trust, revenge, justice, survival, and second chances.
The script also poses some intriguing moral questions, especially for the police chief Joe. He has to struggle with the moral argument of family vs. justice. He clearly has a moral dilemma.
With that said, this is a plotline that has been done before, but
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The plot also offers another coincidence with the idea that Megan’s father was murdered and that Brown investigated it. Again, too many coincidences cause one to question the credibility of the plot.
In this case, it’s not clear how Megan’s dad being murdered is relevant, or how it connects to the plotline. The backstory is left dangling for the audience. It’s a serious backstory to have a parent murdered; yet there’s no payoff for the reveal.
Normally, a backstory has some emotional affect on the current storyline. For example, if Megan were home when her dad was killed and she was unable to protect and save him, then this could be a relevant inner conflict for her. She could carry the guilt about her father and now she has to learn to protect herself. Or in another example, if Megan were home when her dad was murdered, maybe she saw the killer and now years later he reappears. Regardless, the idea of the connection to Brown isn’t clear and it’s suggested to eliminate this connection unless there’s a solid link to the present day storyline and the past.
The opening sets the tone for a mobster story. It establishes that Nick is deadly. However, the scene isn’t as tense or suspenseful as it could be. One reason for this is that the audience isn’t emotionally invested in the owner of the bookshop and the dialogue and action doesn’t create compelling enough tension.
The other concern about the tone is that, in

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