Soul Surfer Essay

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Soul Surfer is an inspirational film. It is filled with drama that turns the audiences’ world upside down. Grasping humanity, the movie pulls it in and transforms it into something beautiful. It is founded on a true story about Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm during a vicious shark attack. Sean McNamara, the director, planned to film the movie shortly after the attack in 2003. Seven years from the plot of storyline, it premiered in theaters in April 2011 as a PG movie. Its purpose was to inform viewers that all things are possible. In the movie Sean presents that, people can overcome life challenges with perspective, determination, and support. Soul Surfer is about over coming fears in light of a misfortune.
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This word, soul, is depicted by Sean as a symbolism of Hamilton’s beliefs as a Christian and her passion for surfing.
Evaluating the film, one may find it is organized into numerous themes such as: love, trust, family, following your dreams, and Christianity. These themes happen to be a strong points in this movie because they all this should be valued. Love is presented through the help of family and friends after the shark attack, the community members that welcomed Bethany home, and the help the youth group showed on their mission trip. During that mission trip, they had to learn to trust her when she offered help. In addition, Bethany had to put her trust in God with her current situation. At first, she was shaky and a little uneasy about it all, but soon she came to know that her faith is all that she really needed. Family is a big theme in this movie, considering it was the foundation in which Bethany was rooted. They were there for her to support her, and help her when she needed them. Although there is no perfect family, we also know how important family is. Additionally, this movie taught that we have to overcome obstacles to achieve our dreams. Everyone has a dream, but few take the necessary to make it come true. Where an individual is from or what they encounter in life cannot stop a dream from coming true. All viewers can relate to something bad

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