Mobile Applications Is An Important Part Of This Sharing Economy

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Since the invention of smart phones, software application has been very popular from the year 2008 and beyond. It is certainly obvious that, the usage of mobile applications is on the ascendancy. This move by the inventers, has created enormous job opportunity for today’s youth and generation unborn. It has also simplified a more difficult task in this our world. According to Posen (2015), “The use of technology is an important part of this sharing economy. Technology has given rise to networks and cloud services that allow people to access resources only when they need them, connecting people to resources through the simple click of a button. People are now using technology to make money off of things they own by providing them as a service to those who do not own the item themselves.” Uber came to existence as a result software application with the aim of reducing transportation problems on travelers. Uber application software is a digital platform which when downloaded connect both the driver and the consumer. The application is so powerful that, it is able to locate the consumer. Transaction is completed at the click of a button since consumer credit card information is already filed in the system. Thereby making it safe for both the driver and the consumer. According to CRASER (2013), “The best car service on the market, Über quickly locates professional drivers in most major cities and instantly handles payments”. Uber initially started in San Francisco

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