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Yu: Factors Affecting Individuals to Adopt Mobile Banking

Chian-Son Yu Department of Information Technology and Management Shih Chien University # 70, DaZhi Street, Taipei, Taiwan

ABSTRACT Fast advances in the wireless technology and the intensive penetration of cell phones have motivated banks to spend large budget on building mobile banking systems, but the adoption rate of mobile banking is still underused than expected. Therefore, research to enrich current knowledge about what affects individuals to use mobile banking is required. Consequently, this study employs the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology …show more content…

[2011] pointed out that main customer segments of mobile and Internet banking were not necessarily the same, which might explain why Sadi et al. [2010] distinguished mobile commerce from other electronic commerce.

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Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, VOL 13, NO 2, 2012

Therefore, compared to huge online banking studies and relative few research available to help banks understand the adoption of mobile banking [Suoranta & Mattila 2003; Laukkanen & Pasanen 2008; Puschel et al. 2010], more studies to investigate what influences people to adopt mobile banking are necessary and demanded. Given that the chance of success in introducing a new product or service is highly related to the depth of understanding of what influences consumers to adopt this new product or service, this study employed the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) with age and gender as moderating effects to elaborately investigate what affecting individuals to adopt mobile banking. The findings culled from this research can help banks execute intricate marketing campaigns and customize service options to cater to specific customer segments in the context of electronic banking. 2. Literature Review Literature reveals that abundant research on electronic banking has focused on Internet banking (also called online banking), whereas research focusing on mobile banking is relative little and receives underrated attention [Suorantia & Mattila 2004; Laukkanen & Pasanen

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