Models to Help the Improvement of your Business

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Six Sigma and Triple Bottom Line models are there to help with the improvement on a business. It really shows what business should go through to have a successful business. The models opens up the conversation about where you business should be. The process that you are going to take to help your business thrive. The models are here for instructions to teach businesses about the steps that should be included when you are questioning your company. Six Sigma and Three Bottom Line models are a great representation of what a business can be and shall be. It opens the eyes of business so that they can learn about their shortcomings. The way to approach these models is give them a test run about where you want to go and how you want use it in…show more content…
The models are here to help you improve the way your business is and to look at your business from a financial standpoint. The models will help you make the best decision that you can make to better the business. Six Sigma can be used as a guideline to help you reach goals and the Triple Bottom Line can help you think about your finances as what your profit and losses are. The Six Sigma model will there for a better understanding of what your company delivers as far as product, workflow, the employees, and the success of the business. “Six Sigma entail a radical change in the way that an organization does its business (Sony, M., & Naik, S. 2012).”
The Triple Bottom Line is there to establish the differences between profit, people, and the planet. The model will help you teach more about you revenue. The best way to use this is have a monthly expenses chart of putting all of your finances into and not only do the monthly finances but quarterly. As business, you want to make sure that you keep up with progress of your company no matter if it is good or bad. Six Sigma model will help you with the success rate of your business. It is best to look at the product activity and the quality of how you employees work as well as your business. “The TBL captures the essence of sustainability by measuring the impact of organization activities on the word, including both its profitability and
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