Modern Cannibals of the Wild

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The author, Basil Johnston, is trying to portray the connection between a mythical story from the Aboriginals and the way we are destroying the environment today, from his article Modern Cannibals of the Wilds, written in 1991. Johnston begins his article by telling a story about a habitat filled with many different species such as: fish, birds, insects and other wildlife. Then, Johnston continues to introduce a cannibalistic mythical creature called weendigoes, who feed on human flesh to try to satisfy his never-ending hunger. After Johnston introduces the mythical weendigoes, he transitions into introducing the modern weendigoes who care reincarnated as humans, depicted as industries, corporations and multinationals who dwells on wealth…show more content…
55) and “ the quantity always fell short of the expectations of the weendigoes, their masters. Is that all? Should there not be more? We demand a bigger return for our risks and investments (Johnston, 1991, p. 56). He also compares the two weendigoes by depicting the mythical weendigoe as a savaged weendigoe and the modern weendigoe as the
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