Modern Classroom Technology

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The way we teach students in the modern classroom has massively changed throughout the years. One major changing factor is the development and use of technology. Before, classrooms were filled with paper, pencils, crayons, and all things needed to be completely hands on with our education. Now, most classrooms have replaced these things with tablets and laptops and smart boards that students get to spend all day staring at. Technology has the potential to be a great thing for our students, but it is being used to the point that it is no longer helpful.
To start, the excessive use of technology is unamiable because it is beginning to replace teachers. Like stated before, today when a student walks into a classroom, they are instantly greeted by a large smartboard hanging on the wall and, more often than not, carts filled with laptops or computers. The student’s goal of the day is often to complete an activity which is either on the school’s tablet, or that is being displayed on the smartboard. While they work to complete this task, the teacher is sitting in the back, occasionally walking around the classroom just to make sure everyone is on task. Teachers are being taken out of the daily school routine and are instead being used in the classrooms more as a caretaker to make sure everyone is on task, than what they are supposed to be: someone to teach the kids and interact with them on the new subject being taught. Also, when a student has questions about their homework, they

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