Modern Femininity In Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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From the times of Adam and Eve, women have been inferior to men. Since Eve was brought into the world in order to provide Adam with companionship, it is inferred that women’s sole purpose in life is to accompany men. Despite a nonstop effort to achieve equality, the relationship between men and women has been a continuous power struggle in which men typically end up on top. Whether the relationship is looked at from a current day 2017 perspective or from the writing of the United States Constitution, it is clear that women are constantly being oppressed by their male counterparts. In a society where women were forced to wait 64 years to receive the same voting rights as men, it is impossible to ignore the drastic inequality crippling women everywhere. …show more content…

Modern femininity can be described as the fight to gain privileges and to be considered modern thinking individuals. By referring to Emily as a “young girl that just wanted to be loved and to love and to have a husband and a family” but was “kept down by her father, a selfish man, who didn’t want her to leave home because he wanted a housekeeper,” Faulkner’s sentiment is clear; Emily was oppressed by the intransigent ways of her misogynist father

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