Modern Government vs. Second Amendment

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Will outlawing handguns make the United States a safer home for its citizens? Due to random shootings and gun related massacres that have occurred in public places such as schools, many people believe so (Richman). Although this is a major problem that needs to be dealt with, artilleries are commonly used by law-abiding citizens just as much as felons. In fact, there are about 100,000 defensive gun uses every year (Huemer 47). Many people refer to the Second Amendment when arguing about gun control laws including radio host, Lars Larson, who believes that “this President wants to take away people’s rights to own the appropriate tool to repel an invader or invaders into their houses” (Richman). Banning firearms will not protect Americans because guns can save good people and criminals don’t follow restriction laws. Guns are a major means of defense for American citizens today. Some state governments, like California, have put a limit on how much ammunition a magazine can hold. The restriction to ten rounds that California has set out was never proven to reduce crime. Wilderness Unlimited CEO, Rick Copeland, admits that the new laws haven’t affected his hunting. He also says that, “creating laws that don’t change anything is just a big waste of time” (Richman). If this law does have an effect, than it is not a positive one. A woman in Atlanta once defended herself and her children from an intruder in their home with a revolver. Despite emptying all six rounds, the
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