Modern Media And Its Impact On Society

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Most countries around the world have cities and people that exist within media saturated spheres. Consumerism and commodification promote items to most economic classes, and through marketing they are urged to purchase and consume the products advertised. Japan is no exception to this, but there is a slight difference that appears to set Japan apart ever so slightly. In Japan, there is a group of consumers, sometimes regarded as a subculture, known as the otaku. For now, just bear in mind that the otaku are a group of consumers, often male, who purchase items associated with popular cartoons, videogames, and comics. They purchase these items and care for them with a reverence comparable to Western fandoms. The otaku, however, are more than fans. They engage in normal fandom behaviors, such as consuming popular media, creating works associated with the media they are a fan of, and supporting the creator or studio that produces the media they are fans of. In addition to these behaviors, the otaku also live in a society that is heavily influenced by rigid societal structures and tradition. With these elements in mind, the otaku can be examined in a myriad of ways. Historicism, sociology, anthropology, fandom studies, and feminism are just a few of the ways in which to examine this group. Many may wonder why studying this group may be beneficial, and the reason is that this dissertation has found just one of many reasons to examine the otaku. The reason is that their
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