Modern Technology And Its Effect On Our National Security

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America is a place where people enjoy many freedoms, one of these age old freedoms and traditions is gun ownership. This is a topic that thousands of Americans are very passionate about; but there is a change on the horizon, modern technology has made it possible to create almost entirely untraceable firearms. Technology such as 3d printing has changed the game of how we can create working firearms, and this has the ability to have a tremendous effect on our national security.

If you 've seen the news recently then you know that there have been several instances of a fully functional 3D printed gun. This whole controversy took off in 2012, when a Texas startup called Defense Distributed successfully designed, constructed and test, fired a fully 3D printed handgun called The Liberator. After the successful test fire the video went viral on YouTube, soon after the 3d files to construct the liberator were released over the Internet so that anyone who owned a 3d printer and had enough skill could construct the device. Even though the guns in these videos may seem borderline useless, it has been stated many times "it only takes one shot to kill", (said the Washington post.)

In order to understand how a 3D printer actually makes things, it helps to “think of a real-life topographical map: the 3D printer lays down incremental layers—one on top of another to build a 3D model. A 3D printer works in a similar fashion to a typical2D printer. The 3D printer extrudes,
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