Modern Times By Charlie Chaplin

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Throughout this course so far we have learned of the struggles of man, from slavery and reconstruction, war, to industrialization and the Great Depression. These were hard times in America and frankly I’m glad I do not have to live through it. From the film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin we get an inside look at how one felt and experienced during the 1930’s. I clearly feel this movie captured the essence of what today people think about today of the 1930’s, Industrialization and the Great Depression. It is at this time that the hard-working class citizen is highlighted. Let’s begin with a brief summary of the film. The film follows a young man who is working in the factory trying to keep up with technology but ends of losing his mind. …show more content…

The part where the government is taking them away and the screen flashes the saying “The law takes charge of the orphans”. This flat out shows how the government feels they own a person and what happens with them until the government sees fit. Which is also what happens today with minors, it is understandable but nevertheless it is the government having full control over what happens to an individual person. Which results in the eldest daughter running away before they can take her away but ends up catching up to her in the end of the film. The economics is absolutely terrible during the Great Depression. People are starving in the street every day. The basic survival needs of life are stripped from many people such as, work, food, and shelter. In the Chaplin film, the woman who Chaplin becomes companions with, story began as a thief, stealing food to feeds her siblings and father as he no longer had work to be able to provide for his family. We watch the scene as she is a crazy eyed savage type stealing bananas just to have some food for the day. But children are not the only ones to steal to eat in this film. The part of the movie in the department store examines the lengths of hostility men were willing to go to get food. Here the robber shot at and held hostage Chaplin until an ex coworker recognized him. He went on to explain “We ain’t burglars, were hungry”. Men during this time were

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