Modern Traditionality Vs Modernity

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Traditionality vs Modernity Younger generations in the 1920s wanted to be different than their parents. Traditionalists are people who have a deep respect for long-held cultural and religious values while modernists are people who embrace new ideas, social trends, and styles. In this case, they wanted to be more modern rather than stick with traditional values and ways of life, and they wanted to embrace new cultures too. The John Scopes Trial is an example of how one man wanted to be more modern and teach something new to younger generations. A high school biology teacher, John Scopes, was put on trial for teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution in a Tennessee public school. It was a modernist idea, teaching something new, that at the time, Tennessee had a state law that made it illegal to teach the theory in any state funded school. Traditionalists at the time feared that the bible teachings would then be forgotten if Scopes won the trial. He ended up losing. Scopes and other modernists believed that teaching evolution in schools showed the public another perspective of the world through science rather than through religion. Traditionalists were not in favor of immigration during the 1920s, so they restricted it. Nativists in the 1920s argued that new immigrants were threatening American political cultural and religious traditions, and that new immigrants were taking the jobs away from native born Americans. They had the American Dream, which is “the ideal that every U.S.
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