Modernism In Architec Wright

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Introduction At the mid of the nineteenth century and in the early of the twentieth century, during this dynamic period and mainly due to the impacts of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. The machine age has a significant effects and turning point in the society, economy and the technology developments. The mass production of new materials, electrical power, and a great many innovations and developments reached its peak during the period and were taking place in all areas of society. A Modern movement emerged during this dynamic period in art and design called a Modernism which has the most effect and turning point on the art and design today. Modernism emphasised function over the form by simplifying the design and dislike of ornament and utilise industry for machines, mass production and technological advances to improve the social problems by architectural and design. One of the most significant modernist’s…show more content…
The first famous style of Wright’s work where he created the first distinctive Native American architecture which had been called later a “Prairie Style,” emerged from 1899 to 1910. “Prairie Style” led to grew up his repetition all around the states. This style is not unique to Wright only but also related to several of architects; however, Wright was the pioneer in “Prairie Style.” This style combined the Arts and Crafts movement principles of simplicity, nature and craftsmanship with the theories and works of the architect Louis Sullivan. The good examples of this style are W.H. Winslow House built in 1894 (Figure 2) and the Robie House built in 1906 (Figure 3). Which emphasises the natural materials using the brick and stone, and horizontal and vertical lines with flat roofs, symmetrical façade, include open floor plans, the interior opened to outdoors to emphasis the prairie, whereas Wright said: “the essential nature of the box could be eliminated.” (Wright. F, no date). Prairie style Sullivan’s
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