Modernity And Technology

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This is the digital age. Nearly everything that an individual encounters in life has some sort of attachment to technology. Interestingly enough, technology is defined as, “a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge,” (Merriam Webster). This attributes a task being complete via an advanced method of methodology. With that in mind, this concept of technology could be referred to as being relative to a particular time space. Therefore, this paper refers to technology as within the digital age. Modernity relies on technology for its connect. It is not inherently the gadgets and glassy screens that people are attracted to. Rather, it is the connection they find...a connection to each other. …show more content…

Arguably then, the visual appeal simply flows with the popular opinion. This project will attempt to answer these questions: what is the popular opinion of a good picture? Is there a decline in people's value of pictures since the rise of social media? What do people feel about social media and images? Overall, this project will address if there is any correlation between social media images and an individuals ability to recognize a good picture from a poor picture.
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Definition. The process that leads to societal growth and development in communication.

History. Max Weber, a theorist from the early 1900s, initiated the thoughts behind the modernization theory. He provided thoughts concerning the transition from old societies and new societies. This theory investigates how a society transitions through growth and development into a new society. Specifically, this theory relates itself to the communication field. If momentary examined, communication clearly morphs over time. Slang, dialect, pronunciation...all these facets and more change with rapidity. “Modernization theories explain the changing ways of communication and media use in traditional and (post)modern societies,” (University of Twente). As we consider the modernization theory, there are a couple advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind. Per the understanding of the theory, it is obvious that certain cultural values

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