Modest Proposal

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Not So Modest Proposal In 1729, with “A Modest Proposal”, Jonathan Swift raised the argument that, “For preventing the children of poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the public” (44), we should rid ourselves of them by our own consumption. We should bake them, fry them, or serve them in a fricassee or ragout. Swift proposes his “humble” thoughts, for which he expects no objection, on the idea that it would be beneficial to the parents, the country, and even the children if they were to be eaten. He also states that anyone who objects should “ask the parents of these mortals whether they would not at this day think it a…show more content…
A generation that perceives themselves as being incompetent to fulfill societal norms. A generation that settles for what they get and does not fight for something better. As the evidence shows, “A Modest Proposal” outlines a fool-proof plan of easing the suffering of Ireland’s youth ,in Swifts time, and the youth of today alike. Swift was neither greedy nor selfish. He only understood what needed to be done and figured this was the best way to get the publics attention. The only way to improve the state of our society is through the betterment, care, and love of all children. They must grow up knowing that they are believed in and that they have worth. By no means should we ever give up our hope in

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