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Module 3 Case Study NCM 512

The given facts state, “Women have had to fight for their rights for a long time. For example, the right of women to vote was granted in the USA only in 1920.” According to O’Neill (2003), there still remains a significantly unexplained difference in male and female compensation that cannot be accounted for in areas of gender differences in work commitment, education, and experience. As given, “Company ABC is a manufacturing company in the automotive industry, with a production plant of 20,000 employees, a sales department of 5,000, and an administrative work force of 1,000. The male workforce in each department is about 75%, 60%, and 40% respectively. On average, women's compensation is 25% …show more content…

Because adjustment is often required during the negotiation process, the approach should consider the changes that each side is willing to make. For instance, the management team has already expressed a lack of willingness for across the board changes. Consequently, solutions should address the types of concessions that can be made for each department: production; sales and administration. According to Fisher and Ury (1991), “Nearly any negotiation can be settled with interest based bargaining, also known as the cooperative approach.” While women may not be present during negotiations, the representative can interview women in the different departments, to fairly present exactly what they want, in terms of wages.
While managers may not like the idea of investing more money for part-time or occasional workers, they may be able to offer more full time opportunities with the consideration of on-site child care or some other benefit that addresses the responsibilities female workers often have outside the workplace. The position a representative of female workers should take is one of fairness in pay for doing the same work as men and one that also presents the challenges that many working women face, with household and family responsibilities. Specifically, the representative will work toward developing a plan for wages that establishes fairness for both men

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