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Eating Molasses:

Eating molasses in winter has its own importance. It is beneficial to health is also delicious. Special material made from molasses in winter, children and the elderly all went well. This season, the regular intake of cold molasses borne diseases can be avoided.

Good minerals, vitamins and good source of energy. Good in a teaspoon mg calcium, 3 mg of magnesium, potassium and iron is found 8. Good color is darker; the more is the amount of iron in it. Most people do it in plenty of cold molasses, but molasses and old jaggery always in every season can be eaten as medicine works | It quickly digested, blood is increasing and appetizer. Is as old as molasses, is more beneficial. So not throw him out of date molasses.

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Removes toxins from the body and in the winter it helps to regulate body temperature. So if you want to keep your memory intact, its regular intake.

6kkan solve the problem of pain: - Good food relieves ear pain | Many people in the cold becomes the problem of ear pain. So by putting the mustard oil in the ears and eating jaggery and ghee is ear pain.

Good rest-day 7kjodon pain by taking a piece of ginger, has benefits in arthritis in winter |

During periods of 8kpiriids pain Women who consumed more painful molasses is quite beneficial for them.

9ktwcha removes toxins from the blood to the skin sparkling Faydemnd- molasses and there is the problem of acne.

L0kjukam and cuffs - warm molasses Taseer because of its use can relieve colds and cough. Mix tea during cold molasses in relief | Were frozen by the cold molasses melted eat his crust | dry cough, cold and asthma often suffer from the problem of people benefit from good eating.

-Heart Other benefits for people suffering from the disease is beneficial. It can be cured by eating sitting throat. Good and desi ghee Tgda body is eating. It would not haemopathy and Rktpitt. .
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