Moloney: Difference Between Literature And Film

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‘’So what if i killed him, now he can't leave me but it was like he never left’’. They called her mary maloney, the innocent women that was NOT accused of manslaughter. In this story roald dahl manage to turn an innocent pregnant lady into a killer. Three major points were recognized from reading and watching this story, we begin with how patrick is leaving mary, better opportunities have come along, but in the book he only has something important to tell her. then we get straight to the point mary needs an alibi and you could say she's pretty smart in what she does, knowing her husband is a policeman she could get a few tricks up her sleeve. Finally investigation starts mary thinks very fast and smart, tricking the cops and being pregnant…show more content…
What was seen in the film is Patrick maloney is leaving his wife mary, which seems to be the most surprising part of the story, from the minute he had walked into his beautiful home, to his loving wife that had been expecting, it would be hard to believe that he's had enough but. After patrick breaking the news to his wife so harshly and unkind, mary refuses of his decision and begs him not to leave her for someone better, nothing will change his mind. Patrick was looking at work papers and still had his coat which meant he was leaving her that day, That's when mary found all that anger and killed her husband. In the literature patrick came home and mary had showed love for him as soon as he came through the door, patrick was not in the mood for anything but a drink, while reading the story,visualizing that patrick was very annoyed by mary because she kept offering things to him, all that the man wanted to was get it over with. Here he was being so much more considerate of her, he said asked her to take a seat and calmly explained what the elephant in the room was for four to five minutes, she watched him with a dazed face of horror but instead of mary speaking back and begging patrick not to leave,‘’and i know it's a bad time to be telling you’’ she had change the subject and went to get supper ready even tho patrick made it clear many times before he didn't want any. She got it anyways and swung it right to his
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