Moniza Alvi What Determines Identity

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What determines identity Identity is the fact of what a person is and what is their personality, character, beliefs, job and much more, it is basically who you are. Moniza Alvi's presents from my aunts in Pakistan is a poem that talks about the presents she got from her aunts. Basically the poem is a metaphor about her life, and it explains the coincide between both of her cultures, English and Pakistani. She describes how hard it is to be from two cultures which are completely different, and the struggle of finding who she truly is and how she tries to fit in both cultures. Alienation, assimilation, and more are all included in the poem and that shows how hard it is for her to cope up with both cultures. In this essay we will discuss how …show more content…

Assimilation means that you get adapted and fully understand something and Alvi seems more like an English girl than a Pakistani one. She shows that in her poem by saying that she "couldn't rise up out of this fire, half English.." it describes how she feels more English than Pakistani because she is adapted to the English culture more. She also said that she "could never be as lovely as those clothes" and that represents how she thinks how wonderful the clothes look but she feels like she is not good enough for them because she is more English and when she wears Pakistani clothing she doesn't feel like one of them.Here we can see that even clothing determines identity because clothing makes her know where she feels like she belongs to more, for example when she wears Pakistani clothing she feels uncomfortable and it also doesn't impress her school friends. Clothing actually shouldn't be an aspect that determines identity, just because you wear clothing from a different culture doesn't make you one of them. You only wear what makes you comfortable and you're just being you. The advantage of assimilation is that you can get adapted to something new, however your identity might get mixed up and you may get confused between the old thing you were used to and the new thing you adapted

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