Monster Beverage Corporation

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Monster Beverage Corp. The Monster Beverage Corporation distributes, markets, develops and sells; sodas, energy drinks, and various juices. The Monster Beverage Corporation competes with many companies such as; PepsiCo, Red Bull Gmbh, The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Kraft Foods, etc. The Monster Beverage Corporation was founded in the 1930s as Hansen’s Natural and was later renamed as Monster Beverage Corporation in 2012. Hansen’s Natural was based in California and is still based there as the Monster Beverage Corporation. The most popular beverage that they make is Monster Energy, which came out in 2002. When Monster Beverage Corporation was still Hansen’s Natural, they started out as a four man group. The owner Hubert Hansen and his three sons made the beverages and sold them to local retailers and film studios in California. In the 1970s, a stream of new sodas and juices were created and released by Hubert Hansen’s grandson, Tim Hansen. The juices and sodas Tim had created were put under the Hansen’s Naturals label. In 1988, the company had filed for bankruptcy. A company called the California CoPacker’s Corporation saw this opportunity and bought the company. The California CoPacker’s Corporation renamed the company Hansen’s Naturals. Hansen’s Naturals was based in Azusa, California in 1993. The company then moved their base to Anaheim, California and in 1998 they moved to Corona, California. In 1992 the current CEO, Rodney Sacks, took over control of Hansen’s natural
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