Monster Under The Bed Essay

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Monster under the bed
How is it to be confused in life? And when were the last time you were confused? The title of the story is Monster under the bed. The monster under the bed is a monster, which is used to scare children. We are all scared of something. Monster under the bed is focusing on take up the fight against your fear. We do not need to be scared of something. We should live a life where we don't have to worry about being scared. If you are, someone can use it and control you. We do not like to be controlled. We just want to live a free life.

Characterisation of Eddie and Angie
First of all Eddie loves dog. Eddie has a special connection to dogs as we already sees in the beginning where he sits at the station and a dog comes to him and the front paws pattering about on his legs. But especially because we also hear that he misses his own dog. Eddie is also a very angry person. He has a lot of anger issues: “The anger sits on his chest like a fat, ugly toad. If he goes home feeling like this, it’ll ruin his mum’s birthday surprise.”. This quotation really describes his anger. He is actually ashamed about his anger (page 2, line 65). Eddie loves his mother from the bottom if his heart but he feels that he is very bound to care of his
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Angie is a mother, kind hearted and very interested in hearing about Eddie and his mother (page 3, line 107). She wants to help him. In addition to that she is also like a big sister to him (page 4, line 148-150). And that is also because of how she is trying to help him. Angie is very important to Eddies development because by talking with him about his problems and his mother then Eddie develops. She tries to get him on the train and he also tries to catch it in the end. He leaves the bench and walks towards the ticket barrier. He are heading back home to his mother (page 5, line
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