Monster Worldwide, Inc.

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Monster Worldwide, Inc. was introduced 20 years ago as a global leader in connecting people in over 40 countries to better jobs, career management, and recruitment and talent management capabilities ( Monster has created alliances in the metropolitan markets like, New York and Chicago, to expand recruitment opportunities and to allow the company to serve higher numbers of job seekers and customers as efficiently as possible (
Monster 's Mission Statement
“To help people find better. Not only at work, but in life.” (

Monster 's Vision Statement
“One Monster, Indivisible We are a global organization of diverse people and audiences. But we will succeed when we act as one. One group of highly motivated, totally accountable individuals unified in our vision and actions. Before Us, the Customer Our organization 's lifeblood is our customers and our consumers. Without them, there is no us. We will measure their satisfaction and loyalty and we will treat them as though our professional lives depend on them. Do the Right Thing Every decision and action is an opportunity to demonstrate our collective integrity. In that spirit, we will live up to all of our values. We will not tolerate unethical behavior. And we will support each other by doing what 's right. Innovate Relentlessly As a technology-enabled enterprise, we must drive innovation in order to grow

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