Moral Status : A Theory Based On Human Properties

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Moral status is a bioethical concept that concerns the type of beings that possess rights, like human beings. There are five distinct viewpoints, or theories, that help in determining moral status. These theories include: a theory based on human properties, a theory based on cognitive properties, a theory based on moral agency, a theory based on sentience, and a theory based on relationships (HLT-302 Introduction 2, 2015). In the case study, a situation in which a fetus develops a rare condition where its quality of life would be poor is presented. The physician (Dr. Wilson), aunt (Maria), mother (Jessica), and father (Marco) all share different viewpoints that make the process of determining a final plan of action very difficult. …show more content…

Maria is very clearly using the theories based on moral agency and relationships. She is urges Jessica to put trust in her relationship with God and go through with the pregnancy, based on the idea that God has a plan for her family. It is clear that Maria does not believe in abortion, which conforms the theory related to moral agency, as she believes the best decision would be to avoid the abortion. Jessica is most likely using all of the theories as she is attempting to make a decision. Cognitive and human properties apply to her position because she does not have a clear stance on abortion. She is most likely considering the fetus and what it could feel or think. This idea also ties into the theory based on sentience, as Jessica needs to determine whether or not she believes that the fetus could feel the physical results of an abortion. Jessica also has to be using the theories based on moral status and relationships. Moral status is very clear, as she wants to make the right decision, not only for herself, but her entire family. Finally, the theory involving relationships applies because she needs to be considering her Marco and her Aunt Maria in this case.
Theories and Their Influence Each theory and its implantations directly affect how each individual would make a decision in this kind of situation. First and foremost, Dr. Wilson’s

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