Understand Ethical Principles in Relation to Providing Support for Individuals

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P4 & P5: Understand ethical principles in relation to providing support for individuals Ethical Principles When working in a health or social care setting professional practitioners are very often with situations involving moral dilemmas. Therefore it is important for the health, care and social workers to understand morality and the meaning of moral decisions and how they are linked to the practice of heath and social care. Health and social care workers also will need to have a clear understanding of their legal position, and the morals and ethics that form the basis of their best interests. In such legislation and professional codes of practice can provide valuable guidance for the health and social care worker. There are…show more content…
Health professionals quite often have to weigh p agreements over cost, the effectiveness of treatment and the benefit that patients gain from the proposed course of action. Social justice All individuals should have equal access to check-u, medical health treatment and also should fully have an understanding of their legal rights. Practitioners have to make sure that relevant legislation is put into practice. The children Act 1989, for example, states the local authorities must act in the ‘best interests’ of all children, and that each child has a fundamental to housing, health care and education. Ethical dilemmas Potential conflicts While working with vulnerable groups of individuals in health and social care settings there are times when care workers are faced with a conflict of interests. Very often ethical dilemmas will not have the right answer and will depend upon a number of considerations. When the care worker is faced with a dilemma and will be expected to make a decision. Before making a decision, the care worker must consider their risks to the individual and any other people, the policies of the organisation and if they have all the facts of the case. Rights, responsibilities and duties Legislation, policies and codes of practice provide clear guidelines as to the as to the rights and responsibilities of care workers and these should be adhered to at all times. Care workers duties are clearly laid out in documents al well as their contract
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