Morals In Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Morals, most people have them, but some do not and when these immoral people are let out in everyday society tragedy strikes. In the short story The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde we see this tragedy and utter chaos caused by the lack of morals. To begin to understand what this means, however, one must first know what the term “morals” means, and why this is so important in this story. The Oxford English Dictionary describes morals as, “Of or relating to human character or behaviour considered as good or bad; of or relating to the distinction between right and wrong, or good and evil, in relation to the actions, desires, or character of responsible human beings; ethical.” To put it simply, having morals means being able to tell if…show more content…
Jekyll, one of the first times the reader meets Dr. Jekyll he himself says, “I am painfully situated, Utterson; my position is a very strange-- a very strange one. It is one of those affairs that cannot be mended by talking.” (Norton, 2179). To someone who has yet to figure out that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person, it seems as though Hyde is holding something over Jekyll’s head. Once you finish this story and go back over it though, it is very easy to realize that Jekyll has more than his reputation on the line. It seems as though Jekyll has realized he has gotten himself in deep at this point, and his level-headed self has no idea of how to stop Hyde from coming out. Critics have argued that this fight is not between Jekyll himself however to keep Hyde from coming out, they believe this story is about, “two men from different social classes, who are involved in a shadowy, illicit relationship that is probably sexual, or at least involves the blackmail which was, by 1885, a sign for homosexuality.” (Buckton). Back in this time being homosexual was a definite problem not only with your morals, but also it would ruin your reputation. Some critics have argued that Jekyll and Hyde is not a fight between morality, but instead a fight about homosexuality. Taking all facts into consideration, however, I do not agree with this story being about homosexuality. I believe that this story is about a well-respected man who got tired of the mundane life and made bad…show more content…
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde written by Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll has a struggle between doing what is right and moral, or allowing Mr. Hyde to take over and lose any and all morals he has. Dr. Jekyll is the town doctor, and he is a very well respected individual. Mr. Hyde, however, shows up one day out of the blue, and from the very first moment he causes nothing but trouble. Hyde, unlike his doctor counterpart, has no morals, and cares about no one but himself. Hyde is willing to do anything to get out of trouble that he has caused even going so far as to bribe people when he tramples a little girl. Mr. Hyde is so immoral, and so unstoppable, Dr. Jekyll begins to have a problem controlling when Hyde comes out. Jekyll finds himself in an internal struggle of what to do to not only keep his morals, but also to keep the respect and reputation he has worked so hard to build. Jekyll finally decides the only way to undo his immoral decision of creating Hyde, he best end his own life, which in turn will end Hyde’s. This ends the moral vs immoral conflict that is seen throughout the book and thus as all great stories do, the end draws to a close, ending the story, and ending Stevenson’s paranoia that a second personality will appear out of nowhere and take him
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