Most Of Us Have Seldom To No Knowledge About Mental Illness,

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Most of us have seldom to no knowledge about mental illness, and ignorance breeds fear. Fear breeds avoidance. It’s an ongoing beastly cycle that averts us from learning about mental illnesses. Since none of us know about these illnesses, this prevents the people who have or might have a mental illness from talking about it. Mental illness is likely to be the most misunderstood and mistreated illness. At one point in the past no one would risk even talking about. You could be locked up and put in jail for telling someone that you were having such sad thoughts. Of course, now there are institutionalized places that offer such help but getting to that point is impossible. First referrals must be given by a family doctor. Then that doctor …show more content…

She was tall, almost as tall as me. With long brown and blonde ombré hair that stopped at her waist. Her skin was a smidge pale and her nose stuck up just a tiny bit. All and all based of a first impression I thought she was a fairly normal college girl. Oh man how wrong was I. Over the course of that first month I started noticing odd behaviors from Jess. Although one particular event blew all the others out of the water. Well first things first there were plastic water bottles everywhere in our room. Out of the Thirty water bottles in our room two of them might have been mine. And those bottles would be on my night stand just in case I got thirsty in the middle of the night. Her water bottles were on her side of the floor, on her nightstand, and the majority of bottles were on her desk. I’m talking twenty plastic water bottles scattered across her desk. The kooky thing is that every bottle’s water volume was different. Never did she once drink a full bottle of water. After a while of debating whether or not I should ask her why she never drank the full amount I finally emboldened up enough to ask. “I’m afraid that at the bottom of the bottle there are spiders and ants and other bugs. And I don’t want to swallow them so I stop drinking that bottle and get a new one”. Okay so I can handle Jess’s other odd behaviors like not cleaning up after herself, not eating at the dining halls, never showering unless I go too, not brushing her

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