Mother-Daughter Conflicts in Modern America: Causes and Solutions

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The Mother-Daughter Conflicts in Modern America: Causes and Solutions

AP Psychology B4

The Mother-Daughter Bond: Conflict and Comfort
Elinor Robin writes about the mother-daughter bond, which can be considered a very important relationship. Like many could agree, the bond can be a struggle throughout the mother and daughter’s lives because of the different changes that each of them go through. As a woman, Robin researched the topic of mother-daughter bonding and realized that it can bring a woman unique insight and understanding (Robin). Robin had discovered that mothers and daughters act as mirrors for each other’s lives. When a daughter is young, she looks at her mother as her …show more content…

Taking care of one’s own self-being can be affective because it can increase happiness in someone’s life and it will allow a sense of satisfaction. Having a healthy lifestyle makes life easier, and this is because the daughters and mothers will have respect towards each other. Reflection – listening to the mind and heart – will avoid most conflict because it will encourage the mother or daughter to think about their words and actions. If a mother or daughter feels anger or hurt then the best decision for them is to write down their problems. This will allow them to reflect over what they are feeling and relinquish all of their problems. The mother and daughter can resolve their conflicts by acceptance also. The mother role is very different from the daughter role. To avoid conflict, the mother should allow the daughter to grow to be an individual, and the daughter should allow the mother to show the care she has for the daughter. Kilpatrick says that the two should change their expectations so they can accept the other person. Judy Kilpatrick is an experienced writer and therapist who specializes on the lives of families and children. She has her B.A. in communications and M.S. in marriage and family therapy. Kilpatrick focuses on the communication style in relationships, explaining how she would know how to help in mother-daughter conflicts. Since Kilpatrick is educated in communication, she knows a great deal of information about this type of bond.

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