Mother Russia And The Annexation Of Crimea. Mallory K Hylton.

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Mother Russia and the annexation of Crimea
Mallory K Hylton
Hockinson High School

Mother Russia and the annexation of Crimea
In the midst of the Cold War which spanned from 1945-1991, Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev took power in 1985. The main goal of President Gorbachev was to revitalize the communist party, and in his attempts to do so, he aided in bringing the Soviet Union to its demise. President Gorbachev’s plan was to introduce four different programs to completely revitalize Russian government, and while almost all of his programs ended in failure, he successfully changed many of the ideas of the nation. President Gorbachev wanted to “adapt the communist system to new conditions rather than to usher in …show more content…

Such divisions open up space for outside countries to interfere with the state and begin to take or regain control; enter Russia. In March of 2014, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine inevitably widening the growing divide within its borders. The success of Russia in the annexation of Crimea was directly due to implementation of Hybrid Warfare via military tactics and alternative information.
Little green men. That is what the soldiers were described as when they invaded Ukraine to take over government buildings and eventually annex the entire area of Crimea in March of 2014. Russian government declared that they had no business in these invasions, and claimed that the soldiers who in fact invaded were “self-defense forces created by the inhabitants of Crimea” (Marcius, 2015). Russia also claimed that they “had no authority over them”, conveniently wiping their hands of any involvement in Crimea (Engel and Kelly, 2014). Russian troops were sent to the border, then they were given miscellaneous yet highly lethal weapons, and unspecified uniforms. This way it wasn’t ‘Russian’ soldiers who invaded, it was some unknown and unmarked group of highly trained military soldiers. Putin accomplished this with a new form of warfare called Hybrid War. It essentially means that ‘you can do whatever you want if you don’t admit it” and there are three parts to follow through

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