Motivation, Stress, and Communication

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Motivation, Stress and Communication: As part of analyzing motivation, stress, and communication in the workplace, I have selected the position of human service manager in United Way of Central Indiana. The company is located in Indianapolis and focuses on helping to sustain significant services for people in need of help and preventing the occurrence of such needs for future generations. United Way of Central Indiana has two major priorities that are centered on providing important human services and education. On the human services priority, the organization seeks to lessen obstacles and enhance abilities for individuals and families to realize their potentials. In education, it seeks to assist children to be willing and ready to learn and help students to get to grade level in math and reading. The vision of the company is to see a community where children, people and families thrive as they care for each other and proud of their quality of life. In order for the firm to work effectively across its various operations, there is need for employing a human services manager. This position basically entails initiatives towards meeting human needs through enhancing the quality of life for the people it serves. Human Services Manager Job Description: Human Services Manager is involved in several tasks and job responsibilities like administering performance management systems, compensation, benefits, and safety and recreation programs. He/she also advices the managers
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