Mount Everst

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Mount Everest 1996 The tragedy The main reason for this tragedy to happen is that people weren’t able to follow the rules as strict as they should have. They made a lot of plans, but when facing many unexpected sudden situations, they chose to make different plans----maybe the right choice for them was to give up when things started to work not as planned, but all of them have strong desire of making it to the top, so instead of walking away, they chose to stay and fight.(Let’s take a look at what happened in Camp IV. Even many people were worried about Hansen’s condition, which including himself, he chose to try to make it to the top.) The major problem was that they didn’t stick to the most important part of the plan, which was…show more content…
Lessons for Operations Managers Balance The case tells us that leaders need to take perspectives like confidence and dissent within their organizations into consideration when trying to make a decision. Leaders need to take actions decisively, and they must inspire their team members to do as like. By acting confidently, leaders can leave an impression on others that it is the way they should be acting. And this could help people make better decision faster and help them grow during work. As it in the Mount Everest case, we can see the harm of the lack of dissent. Without it, people’s ability of thinking out a strategy will degenerate and when they have to face unexpected situation while they cannot turn to those who usually make the call, they will not be able to choose right or to choose at all. And the allowing of dissent often helps a team make better judgment. Also, leaders should be more cautious when it comes to decisions that may have extreme consequence, and they should at least allow others to participate in the decision making progress. When the consequence may be extreme(like in the case, causing death), people who will be influenced by this decision should be included when leaders are making the decision. Meanwhile, leaders should not take this too far in order to avoid wasting time and money on something that should be simple. At last, leaders need to be able to cut the loss. When making additional investments, leaders must consider
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