Movie Analysis : Crash By Paul Haggis Essay

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The movie I chose to discuss for this paper is Crash by Paul Haggis. Once given the list of movies to watch my girlfriend suggested we match this movie because you see a lot of racism in it. Being in a rough time in the world right now social issues come close to me so I must watch it. In the movie there are a lot of scenes that connect to social issues that plague this world currently and many things I learned in class. I will attempt to bring each scene to a connection to social issue or things taught in class. In this paper I will talk about the use of interpersonal, intercultural concepts, racism/stereotyping and Knapps conflict strategies.

The main characters in this movie all connect with each other and they don’t even know it .In “Crash” taking place in Los Angeles, there are 10 Important characters that all end up connected to each other through interpersonal communication. You have two white LAPD officers John and Hansen, the African-American couple Cameron and Christine, two car jackers Peter and Anthony, Farhad a store owner and finally Daniel. Through ways connecting through racism and concepts taught in communication. With the movie Crash people can piece together the events and feelings of the characters through their own experiences with interpersonal communication. According to Mark L. Knapp interpersonal concepts is communication occurring between parties who are interdependent of each person’s behavior. It has to deal with the type of relationship which

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