Movie Analysis : ' Crash '

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GENRE I & RACE IN THE FILM CRASH DEPARTMENT OF FILM AND CREATIVE WRITING INTRODUCTION TO FILM STUDIES B MODULE CODE: 09 24802 STUDENT ID: 1613440 MICHELE AARON UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM 1. Introduction This paper is a critical analysis of the American film Crash, directed by Paul Haggis which was performed for the first time in 2004. This essay will therefore deal with Gender I and Race, two of the approaches discussed in the subject Introduction to Film Studies B in the second semester. It will focus on genre iconography and racial stereotypes following the events developed in the film. Crash has a wide cast of popular actors and actresses as the couple of rich and white performed by Brendan Fraser and Sandra Bullock, …show more content…

The dramatic irony is also a piece of iconography where the spectators know about a situation that the characters are unaware of. In drama films, dramatic irony is important because it helps the audience understand the plot or the emotional development of the character (Fotheringham, 2014). For instance, we as audience know that the Latino locksmith had nothing to do with the robbery of the Iranian store, so this allows us to empathize better with the character. Fotheringham states that rites of passage are a massive iconography for this genre “as the audience likes to see the characters go through several emotions and challenges that will stop them” (Fotheringham, 2014, p.11). In fact, the film shows us how Christine feels repudiation toward the policeman that abused her, but she ends up feeling gratitude because he saved her life. So, spectators can identify here a process of mature emotional development in relation to the beginning of the film. However, from my point of view what classify the film Crash as a drama are fast scenes, full of violence and action; debilitation and lack of values; chaos and disintegration. Crash offers a new perspective on the city of Los Angeles by enhancing the differences of its inhabitants. The characters of Crash are caricatures with weak motivations, easy to handle. Thus, xenophobic and maniacal housewife embodied by Sandra Bullock, falls and, instead of dismissing her Latina maid for cleaning

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