Movie Analysis Good Will Hunting

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Movie Analysis Sociological Perspective: Good Will Hunting SOC103 A Ms. Lim Siow Fei Dier Pulatov J14016731 Aiman Azri Azmi J14016347 Jeffry Tlerey Lister J14016755 Content: 1. Introduction 3 2. Synopsis 3 3. Structural Functionalism 4 4. Social Conflict 8 5. Symbolic Interaction 10 6. Overall Conclusion 16 7. Reference …show more content…

The US sociologist Robert K. Merton (1910-2003) said that society structure have many functions such as manifest function that recognized and intended consequences of any social pattern, latent functions the opposites of manifest functions and lastly social dysfunction that any social pattern that may disrupt the operation of society. (Macionis J. , 2014) Education Education is a system that exist in today society. Education was invented long ago till now there still remain a mystery of it origin, and without education their will be no society today and people will be stuck at the stone edge. The role of education is to feed people with knowledge and to do that as stated by Herbert Spencer that society as a human body this to can be relate to it. Just like a human body education also need its part and without it their will be a problem. And those part are a school so their will be a place for education to take place just like in the movie good will hunting the protagonist work inside the school where an education take place inside,other than that it also need someone to distribute the knowledge and that someone is the teacher or lecturer just like in the movie where there is are teacher that teach the classroom and distribute knowledge to people other than that it also need a receiver or other know as the students like in the movie inside the school there a whole bunch of student in the classroom that receive the

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