Movie Analysis : Million Dollar Baby

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Movie Analysis: Million Dollar Baby
Million Dollar Baby is a movie produced by Clint Eastwood and stars Eastwood, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman in lead roles. In this movie we see, Maggie Fitzgerald portrayed by Hilary Swank is a boxer in the lightweight category who breaks her neck during an unfair fight. She ends up being in the hospital with a severed spinal cord leading to quadriplegic state and kept alive on mechanical ventilation. Her coach Frankie, played by Clint Eastwood goes through the different phases of grief. While laying in hospital bed, she develops skin ulcers due to not being able to change positions. Then she is moved to a rehabilitation center where she is in her bed or her wheelchair. Due to complications, her leg gets amputated, which is a shock to her as well as Frankie. After her amputation, she says "she can 't be like this" referring to her quadriplegic state and letting go of her dream to become a boxer. To end her plight, Maggie bites her own tongue to end her life, but she is saved in time by healthcare providers. Maggie explains her feeling to Frankie that she wants to die and needs his help. Frankie is in a dilemma-should he help her die or not because he wants to keep her alive and he knows it 's a sin if he helps her commit suicide. He understands that she is suffering and even keeping her alive is killing her. Ultimately, Frankie goes to Maggie 's hospital room, take her off mechanical ventilation and injects her with…
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