Movie Analysis : ' The Devil Wears '

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Zsa Zsa Cabigas The Devil Wears Prada Movie Analysis-Citation Correction LDSP 310 11/25/14 I. Introduction This film analysis paper will be focusing on the movie, The Devil Wears Prada which is centered on a young woman named Andy who works for a fashion magazine company known as ‘Runway.’ The film focuses on Andy’s work for the fashion magazine as well as the influence of the fashion industry on her. Her boss, Miranda Priestly, not only influences Andy and her other subordinate to listen to her near impossible requests, but will also be the main focus within this analysis. Within the film Miranda’s leadership appears unlikeable to an outsider. She has high expectations of her subordinates and she displays negative traits that would describe her as an unbearable boss to work for. However Miranda displays effective leadership through her skills that allow her to remain as a leader that balances out her negative leadership traits of her leadership which allows her to be a capable leader. While a woman, Miranda displays strong behaviors that would be easily associated for a man in a leadership position which allow her to be a very powerful leader. Her position of power also influences her subordinates to remain motivated and committed to her. II. Traits In the movie, Miranda displays certain leadership traits that not usually positive for a leader to have. She appears to be very high in her need of personalized power over socialized power and has low need for affiliation. An
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