Movie Analysis : The Lorax

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So the Lorax is a silly little kid movie right? False, that statement would be a very incorrect one. Although the motion picture is light-hearted and cheerful, it has a serious underlying message to it that happens to be extremely important. The storyline presents the harm that the Onceler and his thneed company are causing which begins with deforestation and then leads to other things like pollution, unsafe bodies of water due to ocean dumping, and scarce resources. The similarity to the damage humans have done to the Earth since their arrival is uncanny. It really is unsightful and before the human race knows it, everything will fall into the sequences in the movie did. Air pollution will prevent oxygen from reaching our lungs, then again there won’t be trees to provide the oxygen, and when your throat is dry because of the lack of oxygen, there won’t even be any fresh water to clear our esophaguses. Despite the horrid consequences, there was still hope that things could go back to the way they had been before. The Onceler gave the little boy a seed for a tree and that was the opportunity to fix their mistakes. The same thing applies for us humans and our Earth. We can improve not only the environment’s condition but our living conditions also. To begin, pollution is one of the many negative outcomes since industrial spurred up and it continues to cause problems today. In The Lorax, these factories were created to boost thneed production. The factories achieved their

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