Movie Analysis : The Movie ' Aloha '

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We live in a white supremacist society. There is a system set in place that favors white people and it’s been this way since the founding of America. Racism in Hollywood is no different, since its conception Hollywood’s preference for white faces has been clear and continuous. From the 1915 film Birth of a Nation to Cameron Crowe’s 2015 film Aloha, Hollywood’s has proven time and time again that we are not living in a post racial society. Racism within Hollywood can be seen in different forms, from its lack of diversity, negative stereotyping of people of color, and the age old white savior character. The University of Southern California conducted research examining seven hundred top grossing films from 2007 to 2014 and analyzed the race and ethnicity of more than 30,000 characters to show the diversity make up of those characters. “Of the top 100 films of 2014, nearly three-quarters of all characters were white, the study showed. Only 17 of the top movies that year featured non-white lead or co-lead actors.” (Santhanam) The findings showed that in all those years, filmmakers have made no progress in portraying diverse cast within their films. Filmmakers lack of concern for diversity can also be seen with whitewashing or race bending. According to William Lowrey, “Whitewashing is the practice of erasing people of color either through replacing a minority character with a white character, or more commonly with a white actor replacing a minority actor in the portrayal of a

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