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Aimee’ Jo Bartolome
Cmst 106; Section 53766
The movie I chose to watch is “Clueless”. The film centers around a girl named Cher. She is a popular, attractive and wealthy teenage girl. She lives in a world of glamor and fashion. She lives in a Beverly Mansion with her widowed father. Dionne, Cher’s best friend, is equally rich and attractive. They both have a mindset that being fashionable and luxurious is considered high up the pedestal of popularity. She has an older ex-stepbrother named Josh, who works for her father. Cher and Josh have a prodding type of relationship; as they both mock each other for being who they are. Josh believes that Cher is a typical materialistic and superficial teenage girl. As Cher’s grades drop, she plays matchmaker for her two teachers, Mr. Hall and Mrs. Giesel. Her manipulative skills trick them into dating that panders them to change her bad grades. Realizing she has made them happy, she proceeds to do more deeds for people. Cher believes her doings are innocent and harmless. Cher and Dionne meet a new girl named Tai at school. They make a scheme by making her popular with a makeover. As well as setting her up with one of the popular boys named Ethan. Tai instead has an attraction the non-popular skater Travis. Cher tries to steer her towards Ethan, although he declines. As Cher tries to validate Tai for own wellbeing, she meets a new student named Christian. Cher’s attraction leads her to pursue her feelings for him. Eventually,…
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