Movie Analysis : ' The Peaceful Warrior '

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In life there are no ordinary moments and everything happens for a reason. The movies “Click” and “The Peaceful Warrior” portray these messages. Both of these movies show how every moment in life is important. Living in the moment and knowing that all things happen for a reason can improve one’s life and let them enjoy every second of it. “The Peaceful Warrior” shows viewers that they should focus more on the present and not as much on the future. The movie shows this by giving the main character a mentor that helps him realize that every moment is important, even through the hardships he has to face. In the other movie “Click” Adam Sandler, the main character, tries to skip through the irritating or uneventful moments in life. The …show more content…

Dan did not realize that he had been living in the future and in the past, but when he did, he started succeeding in sports and started building more meaningful relationships. This was an impactful way of showing people how focusing on the present can positively impact one’s life. The story is packed with advice on how to live life and how to succeed in life. Dan was taught to focus on every moment. At one point in the story an old man Dan met told Dan, “You’re missing out on everything that’s going on… The only thing that matters is this moment, here,now.”(Millman,2006) After the talk, Dan started to focus on the present and began to improve in his sport, gymnastics. The story has an effect on many people’s emotions because Dan shatters the bone in his leg and is unable to practice and compete for months in his favorite sport. Countless people can connect to this because they are athletes or people who have jobs they cannot do anymore due to an injury or a medical condition they have. This story shows those people that while they are not able to do some of the things they love, they can still succeed and be happy. By focusing on their present feelings they will not dwell on what they used to love, but find a new love they can do or practice recovering so they can get back to where they used to be. The old man shows Dan how to succeed and not only focus on gymnastics. He

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