Movie Review : Boys Don 't Cry

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The movie Boys Don’t Cry is a touching film about a tragic true story. It is a story about the struggles a transgender man named “Teena Brandon” or “Brandon” for short faced during his life. Brandon was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1972 and lived there for the majority of his life. As he was growing up he felt different than the people around him. In 1992 Brandon was said to be suffering from a “sexual identity crisis” (also known as a gender identity crisis). In 1993 Brandon was facing legal trouble, so he packed up his things and moved to Falls City, Nebraska. Falls City was the first place he had been where he could identify as male and nobody knew him otherwise. His first night in Falls City Brandon met Tom Nissen, John Lotter, and Candice. Brandon spent the night at Candice’s farmhouse. The next day he met Lana Tisdel. As Brandon spent more time in Falls City he became more comfortable with the friends he was making, but people were slowly uncovering his big secret. Brandon and Lana were falling in love, but John Lotter wasn’t too happy about that. In December of 1993, Brandon was arrested for forging checks, but Lana paid his bail. The arrest was published in the Falls City News Paper and John had seen it. John was furious that Brandon had been lying to him and everybody else. John and Tom decided they were going to take care of the problem. John and Tom went through Brandon’s stuff and discovered Brandon’s transgender items (a packer, ace bandage, etc.) John and

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