Movie Review : Forrest Gump

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Josh Kaplan
11SEP 2015

Movie Assignment

The movie I selected for this assignment is Forrest Gump, mostly because it is one of the most widely known movies of all time. Instantly quotable and memorizable, and one I have watched a million times over in every way possible. Forrest Gump, of Greenbow, AL, has one of the most historically and culturally significant lives possible, from playing football for the University of Alabama, to serving as an Infantry Sergeant in the Vietnam War. He also played ping-pong, fished for shrimp, and met presidents Kennedy and Johnson. He met other famous people to include a young Elvis, as well as John Lennon while on TV. He ran back and forth across the country for “3 years, 2 months, 14 days, 16 hours” as he put, and became a good father for his son when his lifelong romantic interest died. He does all of this without realizing what he is doing as he is doing it, simply because he is mildly retarded and just goes through life doing simply what he is told or what he feels like doing. This story also contains examples of the concepts of interpersonal communications, which consists of: the transactional nature of communications, self-image, self-esteem, self-concept, online disclosures, and self-fulfilling prophecies, perception, principles of nonverbal communication and personal presentation, and listening.
The first concept covered is the transactional nature of communications. Transactional nature of communications essentially

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