Movie Review : ' Restless Giant ' By James T. Patterson

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Kiana Wade
Book Review
6 Nov 2105

Restless Giant, a book written by James T. Patterson, provides us with a concise and historically correct assessment of the time period of the twenty-seven years between the resignation of Richard Nixon and the election of George W. Bush. Patterson makes it a point to provide for us the relational ties between the social, economical, cultural, political aspects of life in America. Patterson begins his narrative by placing us in the “troubled 70s.” He describes the 1970s as “grim, tasteless years that are best put out of mind.” (p. 13) The mood of the 1970s was described as gloomy, gaudy and depressing. The issue of race remained the nation’s number one problem. During this time there were only two dominant black-white relations in the U.S. One of them, the more optimistic, looked at the change overtime of the Civil Rights movement. This movement had a lasting effect that changed the lives of many African American people. Because of the 1960s Civil Rights Act, “America’s black people finally broke free from all but a few of the chains of the racial segregation…” (p.15) However, Patterson believes that this gap between the reality of black-white relations developed in the 1960s. As sufficient as these laws were, Patterson found that the laws did not greatly promote the intangible cardinal goal of the African Americans which was for social and economic equality. As shown in statistics, “most of the gaps that had long separated blacks from…

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