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The movie Shutter Island is an excellent movie presenting memorable twists and not to mention, many aspects from a psychological point of view. The suspense thriller movie exceedingly measured up to its genre, providing the action and adventure to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Shutter Island not only made the audience speculate, but the script had an apprehensive and steady flow. I argue that Shutter Island be considered art, based on the criteria of the plot and script. Throughout the storyline, there were instances presented that are believable. The characters, not to mention, are believable as well in an authentic sense. Although some critics would say Shutter Island is a bad film, and not considered artistic, I think it …show more content…
This unique approach is appropriate, opposed to telling patients that their symptoms are not real and it's all in their head. Teddy is purposely set up to interact with the missing patient, Rachel. In reality, Rachel represents Teddy's deceased wife, Dolores. I think Teddy was set up to have this experience to see if maybe he will remember the past, life changing events. In hopes of curing Teddy's delusions, it would seem as if the experiment were a success. It comes to be clear the experiment was a failure when Teddy starts acting like a detective all over again. The doctors continue to go along with his delusions and decide to take a drastic and final approach, surgery. performance

Shutter Island is a well organized movie and has a script that is put together well. Although there were many questions I had about the movie, I still had a clear view what the movie was about and how each event affected Teddy Daniels. It was very interesting to see how the timeline of Shutter Island unraveled. The movie started off in the present and slowly back tracked its way into the past. From the past, making an immediate twist into the presence. Knowing exactly why Teddy suffers from many of his psychologocal disorders was another remarkable factor of this movie. In previous films, I have observed and pondered many questions that pertain to the main character. The majority of the

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