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A Shutter of Surprise
Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up in 2006 to bring the world the organized crime masterpiece, The Departed. The film was a huge success and swept the major awards at the Oscars that year, bring home such prizes as best picture and best director. The win cemented Scorsese as the greatest living filmmaker and he finally got the respect he deserves from the Academy. DiCaprio is one of the best actors of his generation. Titanic, The Aviator, and The Departed areall the evidence needed to securely place him in the upper pantheon of great actors. Expecting a quality movie from either of these two artist is like expecting to get wet by jumping in a pool. When word first broke that the two would be teaming up …show more content…

The script is a very powerful character study exploring what it means to be insane and unraveling our very concepts of reality. Shutter Island is absolutely gorgeous. The film is definitely Scorsese’s most visually rich work since Raging Bull. The cinematography perfectly mirrors the tone of the story and is one of the strongest points of the film. The establishing shots are breath taking. They create of the feeling of grander and adventure with an undertone of mystery and the unknown. The environment Scorsese creates makes the viewer’s skin crawl as effectively as fingernails on the chalkboard. The score perfectly translates what is going on and further engraves the overall emotion of mystery and uncertainty into the audiences’ souls. The dream and hallucination sequences are a treat to the eyes and are some of the most striking every put on celluloid. Most of the time when a film tries to do one of these scenes they appear poorly executed and take away from the story. That is not the case with Shutter Island as theses scenes provide a great story telling technique. They create a haunting feeling that mirrored to the suspense in reality.
Where Scorsese falters is in the transition between reality and the nightmare world only found in Teddy’s psyche. The switches feel very clunky at times and bring the effect down. The audience can almost always tell what is real and what is a nightmare. If the director could have created

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