Movie Review : ' The Silkworm '

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Aaliyah Box
Honors English Literature
23 October 2015
Comoran Strike’s Again In the intriguing and action book, “The Silkworm”, we learn about a private detector named Comoran Strike. Written by Robert Galbraith, which is a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling, it leaves you turning for the next page and unable to put the book down. As a lower class citizen and a man that is disabled, it is remarkable that Strike solved two of the biggest cases. Not taking no for an answer and never letting his setbacks keep him from achieving his goal, Strike proves to be a dynamic character.
Born in Sod burg England Joanne Rowling was an eccentric and playful young child (“J.K.”). With a younger sister to keep watch of Rowling often wrote stories …show more content…

She would later create a character based upon herself in her most famous books of the “Harry Potter Series”. Her favorite class was English growing up. At lunchtime she would create her own stories to tell her friends. These stories were often heroic stories (“J.K.”). Having captured the attention and gained an audience for her work this only inspired Rowling further to continue on her journey on becoming a writer. In Rowling’s teenage years writing was more of a compulsion (“J.K.”). She wrote all the time whenever she could. As a secretary at Amnesty International she realized that in her free time she could type up her own stories since she did not have the money to buy a time writer let alone a computer (“J.K.”, Encyclopedia). As a secretary part of her job was to send out letters of rejection to prospective authors (“J.K.”, Encyclopedia). This gave her some insight on what was needed to become a great writer. Often Rowling wrote drafts of her book when she was able to do so at work. Her next big step into the literature world began when she taught English. This is also where she started writing her first hit novel about a young wizard boy.
Getting her book to be published took some time. She had to find the right publishing agent that would love her book just as much as she did. To avoid facing gender bias Rowling decided to only put her initials on the book. The “K” in “J.K. Rowling” stands for Kathleen,

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