My Brother 's Life - Original Writing

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I couldn 't believe it when the tomato- red rental car pulled into our gravel driveway. "He 's here," I shouted, racing outside to welcome my nephew who had driven across the country to visit us. After greeting him with hugs, we watched as Evan 's eyes took in our cabin, nestled in the woods. "So this is White Pines," he said. At that moment I wished I could crawl inside Evan 's head and see what his first impressions were. If I were a betting woman, I 'd bet my life that curiosity had forced my nephew into visiting. We 'd invited my brother 's family for a visit several times over the years, but they had never come. Eventually our families had grown up. But as my sons and their cousins stayed in touch, their cousins seemed curious about the kind of lifestyle we led snuggled in the mountains. I believe Evan finally had to check it out for himself before life 's obligations made it impossible. Not only had my children and their cousins grown up on different sides of the country, but world 's apart when it came to lifestyles. My brother led a "traditional" life, which offered a beautiful home, the latest clothing styles, and security; while our family had chosen a meager lifestyle, unlike anything my brother 's kids could imagine. And while two of our kids had left the nest and blessed us with grandchildren, we felt honored that two of our adult children shared our home. They worked and slept in the attic, while my husband and I slept in
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