Disrespect Of The Elderly: A Case Study

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The first principle and ethical code to consider is “I.1 Demonstrate appropriate respect for the knowledge, insight, experience, and areas of expertise of others.” (CPA code,2000, p.10) Dr. Darcy has to respect Mr. Jones, and listen to him with compassion. It would be easy to dismiss Mr. Jones, and say that he has dementia, and does not know what he is talking about. In doing that Dr. Darcy would not be respecting Mr. Jones’ authority in his own life. The disrespect of the elderly is unfortunately something that happens all too frequently. Griffiths (2002) blog describes the disrespect and even disregard of the elderly is the most common form of elder abuse. Society as a whole, has a very negative attitude towards our senior population; this …show more content…

Jones’ dignity, when addressing his issues. “I.3 Strive to use language that conveys respect for the dignity of persons as much as possible in all written or oral communication.” (CPA code, 2000, p. 10) Dr. Darcy has to be vigilant in her note taking, making sure to use appropriate language, and not labelling Mr. Jones as demented. Since Dr. Darcy does not have conclusive evidence that Mr. Jones has dementia, she has to make sure not to diagnose him with it, without doing the proper testing. It is easy to assume that if an elderly person is forgetful, or having difficulty expressing themselves; they must have Alzheimer’s or dementia. It was good that Dr. Darcy did not jump to that conclusion, and also considered the poor memory, and communication skills could be a symptom of Mr. Jones depression. In this case I believe that Dr. Darcy used principle I.8 “Respect the right of research participants, clients, employees, supervisees, students, trainees, and others to safeguard their own dignity.” (CPA code, 2000, p.10) By not jumping to the conclusion of dementia Dr. Darcy maintained Mr. Jones’ dignity, and further Dr. Darcy is taking Mr. Jones words very seriously. By Dr. Darcy consulting with a colleague; this shows that she wants to make the best decision for Mr. …show more content…

Jones’ daughter does not believe her father, highlights the act of discrimination that elderly people deal with on a regular basis. The CPA code (2000) address this issue of discrimination in principle I.9 “Not practice, condone, facilitate, or collaborate with any form of unjust discrimination.” (p. 11) In this colleagues opinion, Dr. Darcy cannot ethically discriminate against Mr. Jones for his age. If Dr. Darcy dismisses Mr. Jones allegations of financial abuse due to the belief that he suffers from dementia, is an act of discrimination. As described by Gendron (2013) symptoms of depression in senior adults are different than in younger adults. In older adults depressive symptoms include cognitive difficulties that can range from confusion, and difficulty being able to express ones needs. Therefore, it is Dr. Darcy’s best interest not to label Mr. Jones as dealing with dementia, until she has an absolute

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